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Rigby Police Department

Rigby Police Department will start accepting applications for Reserves 

Starting: 09/01/2016

​Ending: 10/31/2016

Reserve & Cadet  Program



Pick up an application from the Police Department.



Reserves are a fundamental component of building a good relationship between the Police Department and the community. Because Reserve Officers are effective spokespersons in their neighborhoods for the support of law enforcement, their presence in the Department provides full-time officers with more insight into all segments of the City's population.



We accept applications throughout the year. We do our initial testing for Level II Reserves in December and our classes begin in January.



Must be at least 21 years old. Minimum of High School Diploma. No criminal record. Candidates should possess strong morals and ethics and a willingness to be a positive change in your neighborhood and community. Individuals must be trustworthy, honest and be able to work under the direction of others in stressful situations.


Is the Level II Reserve Patrol position a paid position?

No. The Reserve Patrol Program is volunteer only. The Reserve Program is like a modified internship, giving citizens in the community a chance to get involved.


Will being a Reserve Patrol Officer cost me any money?

Yes. There is some equipment you will be required to purchase. The Department will issue you a uniform, but you will be required to purchase other needed items like your pistol, duty belt and gear, boots, etc. These items will need to be purchased a few weeks into the academy.


Do I have to work a certain number of hours each week?

Once you complete the Level II Certification training you must volunteer at least 120 hours per year to remain a Level II Reserve Officer.


Do I have to live in Jefferson County to be a Reserve officer?

While you do not have to reside in Jefferson County to be a Reserve for the Rigby Police Department, a commitment has to be made to respond to any emergencies in the city if needed.


If this is a volunteer position, and it actually costs me money, why would I be interested?

The Reserve Program is extremely popular and a great way to get your feet in the door. Many Reserves move on to full-time paid positions either with our agency or other agencies in the state. Other Reserves not looking for full-time law enforcement careers "donate" their time on the weekends or evenings for years, and love every minute.



Every year we work on improving our abilities and effectiveness to our community.  With our reserve program it provides safety to those on the road, both to the partner they work with and other citizens out and about.  The reserve program is a volunteer program providing individuals that meet and pass the requirements to serve and protect those dearest to them, family, friends, and neighbors.  It also provides a great opportunity if you are interested in law enforcement, to get your feet wet and see what it is all about.